Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Slippin' Stripin' socks pattern

“…a sweater for the foot…a very light and cushy sock...”
- Hillary (Celeryknits on ravelry), Sock Madness organizer

Free Slippin' Stripin' socks pattern for men or women makes its public debut! This pattern was part of Sock Madness II.

Click here to download a free pdf of the pattern.
I've moved all of my patterns to and have been assured that you don't need to be a member to download them. Please let me know if you have any issues.

I've modified it to include 5 sizes. And with the predictable number sequences throughout the pattern, you could customize this pattern for a number of sizes.

Bust your stash of lace leftovers - this pattern calls for knitting with 2 strands of lace weight yarn held together throughout. When the pattern calls for a color change, one of the strands is replaced with another color, and knitting continues with 2 strands. The slip stitching eases the stripe transitions so there's no "jogless joins" needed here.

You can also knit these socks with fingering weight yarn. Just use only 1 strand throughout.

Yarn used
Knit Picks Shadow [100% merino wool; laceweight; 400 yd per 50 gram hank]
Colors: Campfire 23659 (heathered orange), 1 hank; Sunset 23661 (heathered red), 1 hank;
2 colors of any lace weight yarn, at least 400 yards of each

Needle size
US 2 / 2.75mm needles

35 sts/53 rnds over 4” in (s1, k3) sl st patt worked in the round
40 sts/53 rnds over 4” in (s1, k1) sl st patt (used for the sole of the foot) worked in the round

Check gauge carefully and in the round.

Size of completed sock
With a 68 st cast-on: 7 1/2" foot circumference, unstretched, and 8 1/2" long from back of heel to tip of toe.
My socks fit a woman's U.S. shoe size 8 1/2, snugly.

Note: The pattern's ribbing and color sequence are not the same ones you see in my photo.

I knit my socks with a k1/p3 ribbing, but the ribbing rolled under so I changed it. Also, the pattern's color sequence splits the use of the 2 colors more evenly than mine did.

But feel free to experiment! Try this with 1 solid colored strand and 1 variegated strand. Use as many colors as you like and change them out as often as you feel like it.

Check out some of these Sock Madness II knitters to see the socks this pattern makes.

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If you're curious about my inspiration for these socks, go here.

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Kate/Massachusetts said...

Thank you so much for posting this pattern! It downloaded without a problem and is printing as I write! It is a lovely pattern. I have been scrounging through the stash to find yarns I like to knit these with...too many choices!